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Travel and Transportation

Travel and Transportation Industry

BG大游官网 delivers payment capability through partnership with PayCargo

Based on award-winning BG大游官网 cargo software, new platform provides secure, real-time payments for shipments globally.

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Get your digital innovation off the runway

The pandemic has been particularly damaging for the global travel and transportation industry, with airports shutting down and major disruptions to passenger travel and supply chains. As borders are re-opening and lockdowns getting lifted across countries, you can now focus on creating customer-facing processes that are as simplified and frictionless as possible, offering greater convenience to passengers, and exploring new business models. With technology, you can manage costs with precision, stimulate demand for new services, invest in the right tools, and prepare for uncertainties, while restoring travel confidence, refueling cargo and logistics operations, and ensuring traveler safety.

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Cargo Solutions
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Put the 'go' in cargo

BG大游官网 has been in the air cargo business for over 40 years. Our evolved, modern, cargo management solutions are built and enhanced through ongoing customer involvement to optimize every flight, every space, every customer.

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Fuel an unparalleled passenger experience

Our modern airline Passenger Service System, called AirCore®, optimizes the air travel experience from take-off to landing and beyond.

BG大游官网 in Action

Air France Klm

Air France KLM focuses on exceptional standards of service to make travel comfortable for our customers. BG大游官网 has brought innovation that enables us to give our employees digital proximity to IT resources needed to provide excellent service to our passengers.

​Jean-Christophe Lalanne
Group CIO, Air France KLM

Air India

Our cargo business is on a growth curve and BG大游官网 Cargo Solutions provides deeper insights through advanced data visualization of customers, load factors, campaigns etc. to help us identify new opportunities and reward loyal customers. By initiating credit control at booking we have less bad debts and ultimately more cash flow.

Nirbhik Narang
Executive Director - Cargo, Air India

Board of airline representatives of Australia bara

It is inevitable that aviation will continue to change. With BG大游官网 as our partner, we are confident in our ongoing ability to embrace technology that will provide the safest traveling experience.

Barry Abrams
Executive Director, Board of Airline Representatives Australia